Payments giant investigating breach at gas stations


In January 2017, the card payments company experienced a breach of their internal systems limited to controllers and attempted attacks on some affiliated point-of-sale (POS) systems at approximately 24 gas stations.

As reported by security researcher, Brian Krebs, an internal memo from the company to all staff and contractors in January 2017 stated that as a result of "an IT control matter" all employees needed to change their passwords within 24 hours and that end users would no longer be able to "load any additional software" onto their company computers without explicit authorisation. Suggesting that an end user may have inadvertently installed software on their company computer which led to the breach.

The company believed the duration of the attack was short and had not seen evidence of the data having been misused.


Courtenay Brammar

Experienced global enterprise risk and governance professional. Previously Vice President at Morgan Stanley, Deloitte Risk Advisory practitioner and PRMIA steering committee member in both London and New York.

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