Personal details of about 106 million individuals across the US and Canada were stolen in a hack @ Capital One Financial Corporation

In July 2019, the company announced one of the largest thefts of bank data in US history affecting more than 100 million credit card customers after an attacker exploited a specific configuration vulnerability in its digital infrastructure and alleged...

Unauthorized access to employee’s email account @ Ambry Genetics

In April 2020, the company published a notice on its official website outlining that their security team had discovered unauthorized access to one of their employee's email accounts between 22 to 24 January. Although the company stated that they h...

Business disruption at chocolate manufacturer due to global cyber attack @ Cadbury and Mondelez International, Inc.

In June 2017, the world's second largest confectionery company was affected by the global ransomware attack called NotPetya which was an untargeted campaign without a specific intended victim. Many of the impacted companies were infected after downlo...

Details of 113,000 employees accessed and encrypted in cyber attack @ Interserve and lnterserve Group Limited

In May 2020, the company disclosed a cyber attack which took place from late March 2020 until early May 2020 and affected the confidentiality and availability of up to 113,000 current and former employees' personal data after bad actors "were able to ...

Unauthorized party accessed company's data housed in a supplier's server exposing information of 15 million customers @ Experian plc and T-Mobile

Around 15 million people who applied for wireless service in the prior 3 years had their private information breached exposing names, addresses, birth dates and social security numbers through a security gap in one of the suppliers' subsidiaries. A...

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