Aluminium producer suffers extensive cyber attack @ Norsk Hydro ASA

In March 2019, the aluminium producer was forced to shut down its plants and worldwide network after a ransomware attack led to computers in the company’s global network locking simultaneously. The malware issued a ransom note stating that files had b...

Data breach at hotel group affects credit card companies @ Rosen Hotels & Resorts and Rosen Millennium Technology Group, Inc.

A hotel group which prided itself on providing 'exceptional guest service' leaked customer credit card data over a prolonged period, leading not just to significant fines levied by their credit card issuers but also a repudiation of the very brand val...

19,500 student's unsecured information uploaded onto a microsite which was subsequently hacked and leaked online @ University of Greenwich

In May 2018, the university disclosed that it had been fined by the UK Information Commissioner for a data breach involving 19,500 people in what was believed to have been the first fine issued to a university under the Data Protection Act 1998 after ...

British mobile phone retailer exposes the personal information of over 3 million customers and 1,000 employees @ Carphone Warehouse and Dixons Carphone

One of the UK's biggest breaches in 2015. Details of almost 2.5 million customers was stolen in August, with almost 90,000 having encrypted credit card information stolen. The company said at the time it had been the victim of a sophisticated cyber a...

Over 50 million customer card details stolen at US retailer @ Home Depot, Inc.

In September 2014, the hardware and building supply retailing company announced that beginning in April or May that year its point of sale systems had been infected with malware. The company later said an investigation concluded that a “unique, custom...

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