Over 600 customers affected in data breach @ NTT and The Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation

In May 2020, the telecommunications company disclosed that it had suffered a cyber attack in which hackers compromised a cloud server located in its data center, before using it as a 'stepping stone' to attack another internal server and its Active Di...

Data security compromised resulting in recall of 3.2 million bank cards in India @ Hitachi Ltd and Hitachi Payments Services Private Limited

The company that claims to be "Your Ideal Payment Partner - We enable secured commerce for businesses!" reported in February 2017 that they had suffered a data breach. Confirming that, in mid-2016, malware hacked its servers and stole personal and ...

Major leak of customer data at Indian telecommunications company @ Reliance Jio Infocomm Limited

Considered the largest breach of personal data in India when it was disclosed in June 2017. One of India’s largest mobile phone carrier companies suffered a data breach of 120 million customers. This information was then listed for sale online. T...

Data of 1.6 million customers breached at Canadian utility and bills payment kiosk provider @ Paypal Holdings Inc. and TIO NETWORKS CORP.

In July 2017, PayPal acquired the payment processor company called TIO Networks. In early December, PayPal suspended TIO's operations after a review of TIO’s network identified a potential security breach of personally identifiable information for app...

250 million records exposed due to misconfigured internal customer support database @ Microsoft Corporation

In January 2020, the technology company disclosed a data breach occurring through one of its internal customer support databases due to a misconfigured security setting. Roughly 250 million entries containing mostly anonymized user analytics were...

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