Over 50 million customer card details stolen at US retailer @ Home Depot, Inc.

In September 2014, the hardware and building supply retailing company announced that beginning in April or May that year its point of sale systems had been infected with malware. The company later said an investigation concluded that a “unique, custom...

User accounts accessed by attackers due to flaw in “view as” feature @ Facebook, Inc.

In September 2018, the social media company admitted to a serious vulnerability (which was described as a flaw in Facebook’s “view as” feature) that allowed hackers to gain access to accounts and even third-party apps that used Facebook for login to g...

CEO scam attack results in large financial loss @ Ubiquiti Networks Inc.

In August 2015, the US networking firm disclosed that cyber attackers stole USD $46.7 million using a business email compromise attack in which attackers pretend to be executives at the victim company to initiate unauthorised international wire transf...

Software company hacked and 38 million accounts breached @ Adobe Systems Incorporated

The company initially reported that hackers had stolen nearly 3 million encrypted customer credit card records, plus login data for an unknown number of user accounts. Later the company said the attackers had accessed IDs and encrypted passwords for ...

Business disruption at chocolate manufacturer due to global cyber attack @ Cadbury and Mondelez International, Inc.

In June 2017, the world's second largest confectionery company was affected by the global ransomware attack called NotPetya which was an untargeted campaign without a specific intended victim. Many of the impacted companies were infected after downlo...

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