Millions of customer records leaked at US chain of bakery-cafe restaurants @ Panera Bread Company

Described by Fortune as a "masterclass in how not to behave when confronted with a cybersecurity predicament". The security researcher who originally discovered the exposed customer data and reported it to the company in August 2017 was ignored b...

Keyloggers discovered on enterprise information technology company's products @ Hewlett Packard Enterprise Company

In May 2017, a Swiss security firm discovered that more than two dozen “HP laptop models were recording users’ keystrokes”. The keylogging software was in the PC’s audio driver existing since at least 2015. The driver was supposed to be alerted w...

Personal information of 198 million voters exposed by contractor @ Deep Root Analytics and Republican National Committee

In 2016, the Republican National Committee hired the data analytics firm to gather political information about U.S. voters. In June 2017, a security researcher discovered that the firm held data of roughly 198 million American citizens on an Amazo...

Files deleted, email system hacked and website traffic redirected by leaving employee @ Navarro Security Group Inc.

During January 2013 an ex-employee performed malicious actions on his former company's systems (despite them being a computer security company). He was able to gain access because before he left the company he downloaded the remote access software...

Vulnerability across company's systems exploited by malware 'Wannacry' @ Microsoft Corporation

In May 2017, the ransomware targeted businesses in more than 150 countries who were running outdated Windows software and locked down their systems. The hackers behind the attack demanded money to unlock files. More than 300,000 machines were hit...

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