Customer data stolen from UK telecommunications company @ TalkTalk Telecom Group plc

Considered one of the UK’s biggest hacks in 2015, the company disclosed a "significant and sustained cyber-attack" in October during which details from 156,959 customer accounts were exposed including 15,656 customer's sort codes and bank account numb...

Health insurance attack exposes personal information of 80 million customers @ Anthem, Inc. and Blue Cross Blue Shield Association

In February 2015, the company disclosed it was hacked by unknown attackers who accessed 80 million records from people using their health plans. The attack began in February 2014 with a phishing attack when a user in a subsidiary opened a phishing em...

145 million users exposed by phishing aimed at employees of online marketplace @ eBay Inc.

One of 2014's biggest hacks. The online auction giant disclosed the attack in May 2014 stating that it exposed names, addresses, dates of birth and encrypted passwords of 145 million users. Financial information which was stored separately was no...

Hackers stole personal information 1.5 million patients and for 160,000 patients this included prescription information @ SingHealth

Described as Singapore’s worst cyber attack when the company disclosed the event in July 2018. The government of Singapore described the attack as "deliberate, targeted, well-planned". This breach impacted 1.5 million patients to SingHealth’s spe...

Unknown attacker breaches customer records at US investment advisor @ R.T. Jones Capital Equities Management, Inc.

The Security Exchange Commission’s first ever enforcement action in the cybersecurity arena was filed against this investment advisor in September 2015 for failing to establish the required cybersecurity policies and procedures in advance of a breach ...

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